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Delivering a Dropbox link?

Hi guys, I’m not sure if I’m violating any Fiverr ToS by doing this so I want to check with you.

When I have a big file or more small files and I need to deliver them to a buyer, I use Dropbox or Google Drive and copy the Shared link for the folder and attach it to the delivery. I’m not attaching any file via Fiverr when I deliver, just the link with a message to the buyer that all the done file are there.

Now, I read somewhere that when buyer deliver the order and don’t attach any file to it, they are violating Fiverr ToS.

Am I doing it with this method ? :no_mouth:

If it is a matter of too many files, I will generally ZIP them and send the ZIP file through the fiverr delivery system. If too big, I use We Transfer as it is an allowed option.

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Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
Okay, so Dropbox or Google Drive aren’t allowed for use on Fiverr ?

Also do you just attache the link and no files or ?

I pretty much go by this:

Customer Support recommends using DropBox for cases like this, or at least they used to recommend DropBox.


I just post a message including the link. I note the reason for the link is that the delivery is over the size limit.

I tried that and got 1 star review because buyer don’t understand how to unzip and he thought I just delivered 1 file and gave me 1 star.


I delivered few orders by giving dropbox links

Nothing is idiot proof. Sorry that happened.


Yeah, that sux b.a.n.a.n.a.s :banana:

Most buyers are skeptical when it comes to zip files. Or they have problems with unzipping the zipped files. :zipper_mouth_face: If the file is too large for Fiverr to handle (dropbox it is) makes life easier, than trying to explain how to unzip.


So is dropbox link ok or not now?

Somewhere I have read it is not, other places it is fine…

So many buyers use dropbox even without asking, and I used it as well, did not have any problems so far, but decided to ask for peace of mind