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Delivering a GIG Pre-Delivery Date!

Hey Fiverr community.
I Am new here.

This is a question for content writers.

If a client ordered several articles in one gig and requested that each one should be delivered once it has been done (i.e. in the delivery page before the delivery date), will doing so violate Fiverr rules.

Thank you.

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That’s not violation. As long as they place an order.

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Thank you. That was helpful.

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Yes. It will be an incomplete delivery, and empty or incomplete deliveries are not allowed.

You are only allowed to use the delivery button once the whole work is complete.

EDIT: You can send an article through a message on the delivery page instead of using the delivery button. That wouldn’t violate the rules, but it wouldn’t be safe, either. The buyer could cancel the order before everything is officially delivered, thus getting articles for free.


Thanks for replying. What I meant is, sending the articles once they’ve been done and hitting the delivery button when I am finished with the last article and want to deliver the gig.

Regarding the cancelation, can the buyer cancel the order if I delivered on time?

So, sending articles via messages, one by one, and when you write them all, you’ll send them all via the delivery button? That wouldn’t break the rules (just be sure to send them all via the delivery button in the end, even though you’ve already sent most of them).

They can request a cancellation through the Resolution Center (you don’t have to accept it, of course). They can also try to convince Customer Support to cancel for them. Or they can request a cancellation (through the Resolution Center or by asking CS) before you hit the delivery button, and after you’ve sent some (or all except for the last) article.


Thanks for that. I will be careful.

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