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Delivering a gig



I have gigs that give facebook likes…When deliver the gig I attach two screenshots of my BUYERS account(screen shot of the accounts before I start and after the work done )…Is it violate Fiverr rules…


@oldbittygrandma: He means he takes a snapshot of the buyers facebook page before and after adding the likes which is in the public domain :wink:

@myeasycache - Note: buying and selling likes is against facebook T&C’s and guessing they are all fake profiles which they are actively removing.


Yeah make sure you take that off the public portfolio/gig sample.


Or you could use an image editor to blur out the personal information, but leave something visible so the buyer will know its their page, like leave the photo intact or just blur out their face. Just a thought, if you’re absolutely set on utilizing the live portfolio feature.


guys I send buyers own account picture to him.Not others account or my account…Is it a problem…