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Delivering a job request when no one has approved the job


Hi good night someone a couple had asked me to design their Wedding Invitation, it was hard to come up with an idea and I had set the gig to be delivered in 4 days, now I did something my sister said it look good and I have one day left to deliver the job, I had asked the person something and they responded and I had asked another question and all now they haven’t responded to they wanted the Invitation in 3 languages English, French and Spanish and I went out of my way to translate it for them and still haven’t gotten a response from and the job is due tomorrow, I have completed the job and still haven’t heard from them what should I do deliver or what? No one has approved the job.


If I were you, I would only deliver the gig according to your original agreement. If you are comfortable, you can deliver the translated versions (which is more than they paid for). You are not responsible for untimely communication on their part. :slight_smile: