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Delivering an order “Late” and the total hell that that is

It’s kind of ridiculous that some of my orders are being marked as “Late” even though I’d been working with the clients from day one. I get proofs sent within the first or second day, but often times clients are working with other people (their managers etc) who have the final say so it can take them four or five days to get back to me. This pushes my delivery time way off but at the same time, I’ve still Delivered artwork to them for review multiple times within the delivery estimate. This isn’t shut nerve wrecking it’s infuriating


Sorry to hear this @otherworlder - but the truth is, you should be using the delivery button to deliver, even if it’s not the final final delivery. That way you won’t be late … and buyers can ask for a revision if necessary …


I figured that but I always do! It’s still marking me down for not delivering artwork on time!

Wouldn’t that be considered an incomplete delivery? You should always delivery a final product…whether your client will ask for revisions or not is a different thing.

I know that’s what you mean by “final final delivery”, but I think it could be misinterpret by some readers as sending partial deliveries.

Is it affecting your ‘on time’ delivery stats or it just reads ‘LATE’ in huge, red, bold letters in the order page? If it’s the latter it’s safe to just ignore as revision do not count towards the delivery date.

If you have completed the order as per your gig use the delivery button and include the artwork. Don’t hold it back. These buyers are taking advantage of you so don’t let them.

Not if it has fulfilled the scope and you’re just tweaking things.

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