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Delivering files


Hello Fiverr friends!

I just recently discovered that in delivering files, I have a lot more success if I click the “problem with upload” link and upload the files that way instead of clicking “Browse.” When I click “Browse” it takes me FOREVER to upload the file and half the time it doesn’t work after waiting a long time for it to upload. The other way, it uploads immediately.

Just a tip for saving you lots of time :slight_smile:



Reply to @madmoo: True enough. I shall only use it for revision work then!

Thanks madmoo! :slight_smile:


Wow very interesting, during my next upload i shall check out.

Most of the time my uploads are roughly around 40mb and they take forever and sometimes the button browse doesnt work.

Thanks for the tip


I just do voiceovers, so I always send zip files and can’t share the work in my profile anyway since it’s not video, so if you’re in a similar situation, it’s a huge help!

actressellen said: can't share the work in my profile anyway since it's not video

Make it into a video then! Embed your sound + a static image or something = nice video for your portfolio :)


Sadly there are also some places in Fiverr’s system where the old HTML standard upload method (aka “problem with upload” link) isn’t available and you have to suffer the Flash upload widget. e.g. when you’re adding a video introduction to your gig. You have to just upload it 20 times until it works.


this is kinda off topic but it part of the upload process when I sent my rough draft through the deliver work it says “made by fiveer” now I didn’t notice until today

and I got a negative review. my rough drafts are jpegs/pngs but final is usually

vector is the normal? can i get rid of it?