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Delivering immediately after order is made

OK. I know!!! Guy, girls, I know. We talked about this 2-3 months ago but for the life of me, I can not find the topic about it and what was the conclusion.

I have a returning seller that is just great and likes my work and wants to order 112 new images from me, 15 is already in order, will be delivered today. Now since I am a fast worker, and I know he will pay, I created in advance all 112 images/designs.

In the Fiverr delivery option, max number of files is 15.

YES, I can put all 112 in a nice RAR ZIP but let’s talk prTactical here.

I want to split his order in to 7-8 orders per 15 files.
Possible issues: my GIG will have one buyer 7 times, that may look funky to some new potential clients, or not, maybe they will think it is great he always returns to me.
I will get 7 orders in the mark * on my GIG, but he will have to leave a review on all? Maybe to ask him not to leave a review, just one (FLAGGGGG WARNING, I know, but after, she is great amazing, bla bla, what is he going to write, :crazy_face: and review).

And after he accepts my custom offer, do we need to have exchange of communication on the order page, will Fiverr be :roll_eyes: :grimacing: :nauseated_face: :woozy_face: about me delivering immediately?
The bottom line is I would like to have 7-8 more orders in my statistics, but?

What is better, make this into one fancy big order and make it simple to the client?

Who is going to A to my Q?

To the guy who liked my post 0.005 seconds after I clicked Publish, no, I do not like it, and I hope you can remove your heart. Thank you. Read - like. That is the order of things.


Fiverr will not be :roll_eyes: :grimacing: :nauseated_face: :woozy_face: about delivering immediately. As the same happened to me that I created the whole video and buyer accepted the custom offer after that and I delivered immediately. It didn’t affect my profile in any way.

7 to 8 reviews are great and that too from one buyer it will surely increase your stats. But wouldn’t it be tiring for the buyer to first accept all the offers and then mark them as complete and then reviews…
In my opinion,1 big fancy order is fine
At the end, it’s up to you


Yes, you are right.

I will split his orders but in a more practical way for me and him. He wants different things in graphic design and I have different GIGs for that so I will split orders into fewer orders but proper GIGs since he is OK with adding images of my work for him in my portfolio. So this 112 order will be in Overlays, and he wants thumbnails so I will put that under thumbnail GIG… etc etc. Thank you.

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It would be great then

Fiverr is for commissioned work you complete personalized for each buyer, not resale of products.

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@humanissocial ?? What are you talking about?

Client ordered from me 9 designs. I send him 22 variations to select from. He was so happy that he could not decide and he decided to order all 22 designs in his custom colors. So while I was working on the 9 he ordered and paid I automatically continued and prepared all files so it is ready when he makes order.
You mixed some marbles here.

I have a (very) regular client and I record before he orders many times. And then I deliver immediately after the order is placed. Nothing bad has ever happened whatsoever.

Having said that, if I were in your shoes, I would do just 1 huge order with the zipped files.


In the Fiverr delivery option, max number of files is 15

Would the Milestone delivery option work for this? I’ve never used it myself so I’m not 100% sure how it works.

Never ever ever use Milestones for anything, even if it was guaranteed millions. The system is horrible and doesn’t work, and fails even when it works.


Then I have to agree with @zerlina84. For that many files, zipping and delivering it as one order makes the most sense to me.


They will have to pay more that way (a processing fee for every order, instead of just one).


Just do one order. … No fiverr won’t care if you deliver immediately.

What you are suggesting is gaming the system which is never a good idea.


Why don’t you split it up into only 2-3 orders and still send the respective files in zipped folders?

The problem is the reviews. I do not want client to have to write three reviews for same thing.

He has 4 orders in plan with me, all different GIGs/services. One is very large, and I will keep it all in one and deliver files in ZIP.

Regarding this, I do not like zip because of no watermark.

I trust this buyer but still, I want that watermark feature to protect me. Delivering 112 designs I created for him without any protection is little…

Hmm I see, then I guess you will have to create separate orders if the watermark is an issue.

It is not your job to worry about reviews. Stop thinking about that.

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So I should split orders into 7-8 orders with 15 files each to have them protected with watermark?

I told you to have one order and forget thinking about reveiws.

Go for 3-4 orders as these much orders won’t raise a red flag in the mind of new potential buyers seeing your gigs and also they would be easy to review for the buyer, but don’t do all four orders at once, maybe one by one would be nice and also congratulations for getting a big project !

Ah, OK.

I though you read in between replies conversation and you read about my dislike with delivering 112 files in Zip without watermark issue. I understand one order is best for client, but Fiverr has low limit of files in order delivery. It should be limit per total size not number.