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Delivering initial concepts

Hi Fiverr community I really hope you can help me, I offer branding packages with logo design, and I recently got a warning for delivering incomplete work, this just completely blew me away, Normally I deliver the initial concepts around the halfway mark (timewise) and then make full delivery of the branding package on time after the revisions are completed (if all goes according to plan:)).
Is there a different way I am supposed to deliver the initial concepts to kickstart the revisions count? as far as I know delivery is my only option? I know on custom orders I can use the milestone feature and that’s great but most of my orders are just straight up gig purchases. I’m terrified of delivering another initial concepts page incase I’m doing something wrong and end up getting another warning, but if I send concepts in the message section there is no watermark and no countdown on the revisions. Im baffled please help.

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