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Delivering logo design - how do you do it?

I have a question for all you designers. With my logo design gig (the premium version) I offer 3 different logo concepts, and also source files, social media kit, transparent files, print ready files and so on.

How do you handle delivering the order? I would deliver the three proposed concepts first, and after the client has decided on the definite logo, and after all necessary revisions, I would deliver all the add-ons like the source file, social media kit etc. It does not make sense to prepare all these files for each of the three proposed logo concepts.

BUT I’ve read on the forum a few times that you should not click on “Deliver Your Order” if you are not actually delivering everything. So should I just send the three logo concepts and after that deliver the order?

Hope you know what I mean! How do you handle this?

Thank you

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You can send them as an attachment in the regular message system, using the little paperclip to upload the files.


Thank you. I know, but this way the clock does not end ticking and the client cannot “formally” ask for a revision, that’s why I wondered if there is any other solution. :slight_smile:

You’d have to deliver the 3 concepts by message and then find out if the buyer is happy.

The ‘deliver now’ button should only be used for full, final deliveries which will stop the clock.