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Delivering my sales with the fiverr app; does this make allowance for live portfolio?


I’ve browsed different topics that relates to this but couldn’t find one that actually pinned it.
My concern is this: I have the live portfolip checked for all my gigs but this is not reflecting in my gig as deliveries’ photos are not added to my gig gallery.
I am a level one seller though, but I realized my sale isn’t moving at the pace it should. In a bid to better this, I discovered my delivered work are not visible on my gig to potential buyers.
All the deliveries I’ve made I did with the fiverr mobile app for android, and now I am wondering perhaps the photos did not reflect because I had delivered with the mobile app and not on the desktop view on a computer system.
Please help, is there a rule guiding/guarding this?



Dear Joseph:

The Buyer decides whether to add an image to your Live Portfolio.

You could try A/B Testing to see whether making your deliveries via a desktop or laptop makes a difference, but my best guess is that your Buyers are not electing to share your images via the Live Portfolio.

Good luck,


Alright Blaise…,
I’ll explore all the available options to see if one’s a favourite when it comes to live portfolio.
Thanks for the response, I am appreciative of it.