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Delivering problem!

I’ve just finished order and delivered :

  • PDF of the presentation
  • Source File
  • High-quality pictures

But the buyer couldn’t download the source file, and also the images have the Fiverr logo in the background,

Can I send the source file to the buyer in the messages (because the order is marked as complete now), This is not against Terms of Fiverr??

I really need answers!

The buyer should be able to download everything from the order page - without watermark - once the order is marked complete.

They need to download to their hard drive and open from there …


To answer this question. I’ve had orders marked complete. But still sent revised work/additional files via Fiverr messaging system, this is perfectly fine to do. I would recommend providing a written step-by-step tutorial for downloading the content. Let’s face it some Buyers are not technologically savvy, which is OK. Educate them! :pineapple: