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Delivering your work

Hey, so I’ve just delivered my first writing piece in PDF form. Is this an acceptable way of sending it to the customer or do they prefer you to use a different format?

I’m new so I’m sorry for the somewhat silly questions :upside_down_face: it’s a lot to get your head around!

Thank you

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I think that’s okay. You could ask the buyer what format they want it in if you wanted to see what they prefer eg. you could have a multiple choice question in the requirements section with a few different options (eg. .pdf/.docx/.doc) - and maybe say by default (if no option is chosen) you’ll deliver it in .pdf format.


Perfect! I hadn’t thought of this so thank you


@uk1000 has given you a great answer. As a fellow writer / proofreader I would recommend that you specify a default option in your gig description - MS Word is the obvious one to go with due to its universal take up and compatibility.

Take it form me, as a seller who’s been with Fiverr for a few years now, you absolutely need to nail the basics (such as file delivery format) in your gig description. Not to do so is opening yourself up to all sorts of complaints caused by assumptions on the part of the buyer.

Personally, I would suggest that opting for pdf is actually a poor choice. There’ll be some users who won’t know how to copy and paste the content into an editable format, thus causing them frustration and placing the blame on you. The only real world benefit of a pdf is that the document can’t easily be changed - which is likely to be the opposite of what most buyers want.

To take the above thought a step further, quite a few months back there was a poll on here about the most popular text / writing delivery formats. I can’t recall the exact result, but MS Word / docx format came out at about 98%. Although I use Apple Pages to write with, I always deliver the end result as a MS Word file.

Wow that’s actually really useful, thank you! I will bear that in mind! I use Google Docs for my work… is it possible to save that as a word doc without having Microsoft word?

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Heya, fellow writer here! I use Google Docs on a chromebook and it works great - when you’ve finished your piece, go to File > Download > Microsoft Word (.docx) and that’ll give you the file you need. Because you are new, just a word of caution never to give a live link to your client, has to be a file through Fiverr or you could get in trouble.


Amazing thank you I’ll try that!