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Delivery abominable, am I being trolled?

Hello all!

I’m new to the plaform and am wondering has anyone had the experience where the suppliers are delivering such abominable work that you think they are trolling you?

Thank you



I’m sorry this happened to you. This may not be what you wanted to hear, but, unfortunately, sometimes it is possible.

That’s the reason why it is very important for buyers to vet prospective sellers as thoroughly as possible before they zero in on a seller who they want to work with.


I think it’s more likely the sellers are just terribly incompetent. I agree with what @hanshuber16 said about making sure you hire someone good.


In almost every case when this happens, the basic problem is buyers having unrealistic expectations. (Sorry.) It’s also impossible to give advice when so few details are forthcoming.


Have I gotten crappy deliveries, yes (quite a few).
Do I think I was being trolled, no. Some providers are just really bad and misrepresent their skill level and so expectations are larger than the realistic ability of the seller to provide.
Agree x 2 with @hanshuber16 and do your pre-order due diligence and be sure to make your expectations know, sometimes using visual or audio references.
Hope it helps.


I made 3 different orders for a house design(my very first time) and the results were so lacking in creativity and originality to take my breath away. These people advertised as architects, I honestly doubt that. I got a refund 1st time was just too stressed out the 2nd time I took the hit.

The review system needs to be revised we need honest reviewer with verified projects and FiVERR needs to stop protecting shoddy sellers and scammers. I think am a fairly reasonable person and don’t expect the moon.

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The thing is reviews are 100% real. Without ordering people wouldn’t leave a good review. The problem is that you don’t see bad reviews because most sellers and buyers are cancelling orders if they don’t like something (as yourself in the first case)

I’m not sure about the budget you invested but sometimes it’s better to go with one a bit more expensive service than hiring 3 cheap designers who most likely wouldn’t be able to provide work up to your expectations.
How much did you pay for a house design here?


I paid $50,80 and $70 just for design and render. They all refused to give a sketch or I would have not bothered. They said see my other works and trust me. Its made me a bit less trusting. I just needed a design then was gonna hire someone for the plans.

But were they comparable in quality to the price you paid?

The average price to hire an architect in the real world is $4,666. If you have needed to hire an architect on Fiverr, I am guessing that you have paid a lot less than this.

OK. $50, $80, and $70 just for design and render. AKA less than $100 for someone to design an architectural plan for a brand new property and rendered in 3D? You didn’t like the designs but did get designs and renders delivered?

Sorry, you are not being trolled. You are getting what you pay for. The best thing you can do is research how much plans should cost with regard to your end goal. Then try and find a budget architect through architect forums or architect specific classifieds.


Exactly, I agree with you! :clap:

Like I said I just wanted a design idea not full architecture plans just a picture. Perhaps I should just hired an artist. My idea was by coming to the internet I’ll get something different from what abides by me. Yes and cheaper too. Why do your sellers put such low prices and try to upsell you when you contact them. That’s the first scam . I don’t go to restaurants or hotels or clubs I can’t afford. If I wanted those types of services I’ll go pay for them.

I’m afraid this is not the price for the design and rendering on top of that. Creating just a logo cost much more.
It cost way more in real life as @cyaxrex mentioned.
The problem with fiverr that some people offer super cheap service (which is mostly value for money: you paid 5$ And you got 5$ Quality)
But for some reason people start believing that they can get a premium service for paying peanuts.

No, not every seller. Most of us have pretty clear packages (but they are also not cheap at all)
But other designers do put low prices, designers who doesn’t have a portfolio to show yet or don’t get any clients. That’s the only way for them to attract your attention (which worked) and only after that they will give their real price (which is not nice for a buyer, but competition is tough and they are just trying to do everything to survive)

But it’s your job as a buyer to try to find a seller that you feel comfortable with.


I hate it when people complain about sellers without telling us what happened. I don’t need names, just need to know what the project was, what was delivered.

The reality is that we buyers can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

For example, I needed a PHP update on my website, I hired someone to do it, then he wanted my Hostgator’s login name and password. I got annoyed because I’m terrified of sharing that information, but told the seller it wasn’t his fault, and he should just click “deliver now.” He told me he had to earn the order, I insisted. So he clicked deliver now, then gave me step by step instructions on how to fix the problem myself. I followed his instructions, did the update, gave him a $5 tip. Total order ended up costing me $20 thanks to Fiverr’s $2 fees, but that’s not important.

My point is that buyers are often unprepared when they order, and end up blaming the seller when something goes wrong. If that wasn’t bad enough, the seller gets punished for that refund or gets a bad review.


You want to know what happened, I approached a couple of sellers on the site with request for design concepts for a house,with images of shapes I liked in buildings online like 3 images, like I explained I wanted a picture of a house I could get excited about to build. Note I didn’t want architectural plans and was specific about it it . Just a picture. All 3 refused to draw a sketch to give me an idea of their design. All three said to trust them for originality and creativity and I did. I got the orders and paid for them .3 days later the designs arrived, all 3 without fail changed the lengthy of the windows on the main picture I gave them. All 3 increased the length of the anterior wall of the building as their creative take on my request., in fact one of the sellers turned out a truly ugly rendition of the handsome building I gave them for inspiration.
It was clear they spent zero time trying to do the job they took the money for.

I’ve never had that experience, since I’m mainly here to just promote my gig.

Have you ever looked at the reviews for that particular seller? Reviews do count in order to make sure that they are relevant (there are times where there might be fake reviews, so keep an eye on that).

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In the US house rendering, blueprints and plans are $20,000 and up by a licensed architect.


In the US they have draughtsman, architect designers and you can draw your own plans . Not to mention how many Americans got us$ 20,000 hanging around. You will be surprised less than 30%from statistics.

It’s not a job for people who aren’t licensed. There are plenty of people with a lot of money in the US who want custom large houses built. They’ve purchased land, they are spending a million or more dollars. It’s not that uncommon. You have to be good at math. It’s highly technical. You have to know all the details of what goes into building a quality house. You don’t just sit down and make a drawing.


Well said, from my experience selling my services on FIVERR, most buyers would want a seller to do a premium package job for the price of a basic package. Most times, you get the value of what you pay for; this is to the buyers. When buyers come to fiverr with the mindset of buying the cheapest service, then they are less likely to get great value for their funds. I have stayed months on fiverr without doing a job; this is because i refused to collect low paying jobs knowing that i don’t want to compromise on the quality services i will be providing. Even when i give considerable discounts to buyers, they still complain that it is too expensive. When such buyers get poorly delivered jobs who is to be blamed then?


Fiverr doesn’t have hourly contracts so as a seller you’re not getting compensated for additional work (like sketching). Add to that the people who want to receive a sketch for free before (if ever) hiring a person and that’s your answer on why people refuse to provide sketches.

What you can do is look for a seller who has the sketch included in the package. Some people have sketches as basic packages, the more detailed concept as the standard one so you may be required to either purchase both or ask the seller for a custom offer that includes both.

Also, you can look more closely at the seller’s live portfolio. We all have pretty pictures as our main previews but if you keep clicking, you’ll get a more accurate impression of what the seller actually delivers on a daily basis. If it looks too inconsistent, I’d move on to another seller.