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Delivery and Inbox issues

Hi everyone. We are aware of the current delivery and inbox issues. may be unavailable for some as we work through these issues. Thank you for your patience.


Please fix this asap.
Thank you!

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This happens twice in one month. Very frustrating.
I got revision request and it completely empty.

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Hope it is Fixed soon

Why does it always happen when I’m delivering things or getting revision requests? (sigh)

I hope Fiverr team finds a permenant solution for this :upside_down_face:


Please resolve asap i am talking with my client

At least make the replies visible in our notification Emails, so that if the site is broken every month at least we can get the buyer/seller messages via Email.


I’ve delivered an order four times now but the attachment goes missing and when I refresh the message disappears too :frowning: I hope I don’t get a warning for delivering empty messages because I absolutely haven’t.

Again, really? One of the main rules in web development is to never push updates to a live website without testing it first. Fiverr is a massive website. Disappointing


Just wait.

I delivered 30 minutes ago, the message appeared after 15 minutes, the attachment after 30 minutes. it’s still a good idea to double-check after an hour or so


I have an upcoming delivery and my client is online but, Fiverr is not allowing me to send messages on order page nor in inbox. What am I supposed to do ?

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We hope this problem soon will end. Thanks

Now fiverr is unavailable, Isn’t it?

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I hope it will be fix soon!

You should completely turn down the fiverr platform when you’re resolving system issues.So.the buyers will also know that the site is down.Last time when the same issue happened,I was unable to reply back to buyer for a whole day.

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Yes please have patience

Best of luck fiverr team and please find permanent solution of this problem :sweat:

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