Delivery before Payment



I just want to know that is it against Fiverr Terms & Conditions if we deliver the work before payment, in case buyer asks that he’ll pay tomorrow and please deliver the work today.


Don’t deliver before payment. You’ll regret doing that.


Better to not doing that, tell them to order first,
if not how you guarantee he will pay you tomorrow ?


Is it against Terms & Conditions?


Thanks for reply but It’s not about money, I want to know that is it against the TOS?


Not quite sure if its break TOS or not, but don’t do that
but if its repeated buyer and you trust him 100%, perhaps you can try


Yes, I trust him and he said he’ll pay on 2 February.


Why would you give your work away for free? Do you believe that you or your services aren’t worth anything?


Well, I don’t think that I’m giving away my work for free. But I’d trust him .


Well, then, there’s your problem. You have no value for your work because you’ll gladly give it away for free. You are asking people to take advantage of you, because they know you’ll do whatever they ask, based solely upon trickery and foolish promises. And you just don’t care about being successful, because you have no desire to price your services, stick to those prices, or say no to people who want to cheat you.

Please find your backbone. If you want to be successful, you will need a spine. :wink:


However, I’d agree with you :slight_smile:


Excellent. Good luck as you stand up for your worth, and learn how to say no to those who try to take advantage of you.