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Delivery Bug Is Still Around

I’m getting tired of this. How on Earth do I still get this awful bug? It’s completely random but luckily I caught it on Video cause I’ve been paranoid since the last time it happened.

I can share the video but I can’t seem to upload it on the forums. Should I put it on video streaming site and then share it here?

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You could put it on youtube with a limited link so it’s not open to anyone on youtube who happens to find it. I think they call it a private link.

So you video each delivery? Wow. How do you do it?

How long does it take for the delivery to disappear? Does it do it immediately, the next day, an hour later?


From the time stamps it looks like it happens immediately. So at least we would see it when it happens.

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Yep, I video every delivery using my phone. It’s a genuine pain to do every time but it’s definitely worth it. The deliveries literally don’t get delivered. They load properly but when you click the send button nothing goes through.

I have the whole thing on video so at least I have some defense if things go south.

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So you do see it when it happens. And then can resend it. You’re smart to video that each time. What a pain.

I hope we get to see the video you made.

Are you going to tell customer support so you don’t get an unpleasant surprise later?

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Yeah, I’ve reached out to support on Twitter to let them know its happening again. I sent the client a message as well with the files after the first 2 failed attempts.

Hopefully, I should be ok. Just double check after making deliveries.


Thank you for letting us know.

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Support asked for the video so I shared it with them. Hopefully, now they’ll finally fix whatever is causing this. This entire thing is unreasonably stressful.


Hopefully it gets solved. You did a public service and I’m grateful.

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The response I got from Customer Support. I think I’ll start delivering files through the delivery system and attach a link to Dropbox.

I guess you may not feel it is a browser issue? Well then the answer is to send a link to dropbox.

It sounds like they haven’t had other reports about this. I’m surprised they didn’t give it to the technical team.

Do you think using Chrome in incognito mode would solve this? Are they saying it’s a problem with your cookies?

So it’s ok to deliver a link to dropbox instead of a file. :thinking:

I don’t know why he’s suggesting updating “Adobe Flash”. As far as I know Fiverr doesn’t use that does it, and Chrome uses it’s own version of Flash (though I think it’s set to “Ask first”, and since it’ never asks, I assume it’s never used on Fiverr)?

If you’re not waiting a bit before pressing the “deliver” button after attaching I’d wait a bit. eg. Play some of each video or try waiting about 5 or 6 seconds (unless you already did that) after they have been attached before pressing “deliver” (eg. to make sure any files have been fully written to disk).

I’ve pretty much given up on this. I’ll just start sending a dropbox link as well.