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Delivery button mis-use

I recently had a very frustrating situation emerge after I sent a gig offer to a potential buyer. Here is the sequence of events:

  1. I send the custom offer (The order was for a delivery time of 1 day.)
  2. Buyer accepts.
  3. I send samples the evening of the first day.
  4. Buyer requests specific changes that evening
  5. I send the amended work well within the delivery time for the buyer to review.
  6. No reply from the buyer.
  7. Multiple attempts from to contact the buyer.
  8. No response from buyer.
  9. Order marked as late.
  10. I click deliver, and explain to buyer that I will continue the work past the end of the delivery, but I did not want a late marking on the order as it reflects negatively on my account. (A violation I now know - since clarified with Fiverr)
  11. I contact Fiverr asking what to do in the specific situation.
  12. They explain the violation of the delivery button and warn me. They also explain they will contact the buyer to complete the order.
  13. Next day I am told by Fiverr that they will be cancelling the order because of the violation.

So a few things I am frustrated by. Firstly I will hold my hands up and say with absolute honesty, I was unaware of the delivery terms in light of delivering an order, I completely accept this.
After explaining this situation to Fiverr and the history of the order, they said they would contact the buyer to prompt a response to complete the order. The next day I was simply told the order was cancelled because of my violation, even though I had spent a significant amount of time delivering samples etc. A lot of wasted time and effort spent on my part and lack of clarity given with regards to contact with the buyer (if any) from Fiverr.

I would have greatly appreciated a response from the buyer first before the order was cancelled and all my time and effort wasted.

Seems a bit unreasonable to me, very frustrating.

Any similar experiences?



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