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Delivery countdown


Hello, can you please tell me what will happen when the countdown is down to zero and I will not deliver the order?
I just send my customer a message with attachment(my “done” work with watermark on it) and I am waiting for his approval. What If he doesn’t respond me? May I send the “done” work right now?
8 hours remaining.

Thank you very much for help!




When you deliver your work, you deliver the finished product - you don’t have to wait for your buyer’s approval.

If they want modifications after your delivery, they can ask for them, if you offer them.


Just send it through the “Deliver Order” button, as from there they can accept or decline from there; much rather than putting you in an awkward spot of wondering if they will respond to your enquiry in time.

But! To answer your original question, you will get an email/message saying that your “order is late” and that you have 24 hours to submit the finished work before the order will be automatically cancelled and refunded to the buyer. Oh, and to top it off your delivered on time percentage will go down - but I’m not quite sure by how much, however.

Hope that helps!


It will turn to LATE - you will then have 24 more hours left to deliver. But you better deliver fast because then the customer could cancel whenever they want and it will leave an automatic negative review if they do so.



Don’t wait for your buyer’s approval. Just deliver the Final File. if he need any modifications he will request the Revisions.

Keep in mind that you should deliver the files within the countdown. (I’m always delivering when 5-10h remaining) if you did not deliver it withing the count down , fist you will get “Late delivery” warning and even if you late buyer can cancel the order and you will get bad review.

hope this will helps.

Thank you


As soon as you finish the work, deliver it.

The modification button is there in case they dislike it :slight_smile: