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"delivery date is too far out" Dispute

Hello, the buyer created the order with 12 days of delivery. 24 hours later he opened the dispute to cancel the order because “delivery date is too far out”.
Is it safe for to me accept it? Can it hurt my rate?

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All cancellations will have an effect on your stats. Is it possible for you to tell your buyer you can deliver sooner? And then do so?

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You have to accept it, in both cases you are in loss, but your ratings will not affect for long run. That is what it is suggested to mention " please discuss before placing orders"

Yes, cancellations will affect you for the next 60 days. I would see if you can work something out with them that is acceptable for both of you.

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How many days would you required to complete the order ? If you can complete the order within your buyer time frame that would be great I think. Just discuss with buyer before accept the cancellation.