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Delivery didn't accept client


I completed a business card design project 3 days ago. After delivery the project client told me - “I’ll contact with you few hours later.” But 3 days gone. He didn’t contact with me and didn’t accept my work. First of all, I thought he goes to press to print out the design But not. What can I do now?

[Note: The client told me that to create same business card for his partner and gave me his partners details.]

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did the client pay on Fiverr for your project ? if yes. don’t worry after some days Fiverr will give you automatic submission from client


Can without pay sell any work in fiverr?


Did the buyer place an actual order?

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What do you mean? The buyer first should place the order and only after that you can start working. You you did work without real order that means you did it for free.

So did your client placed an actual order and just requested a revision through fiverr system?

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That’s why you always select watermark for your work in delivery and only deliver files in Order Delivery. If you send it as a message, they can take it, use it and not pay you.

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What do you mean by actual order?


Like, did you get a notification the user placed an order? Or was this all done through messages?

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Yeah,He message me first then I sended custom offer and he accept this.


Then Dont worry. You will get your money after 14 days :slight_smile:

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I send him custom offer and accept my offer then I started a the work.


Yeah I hope. Thanks for your important comment.


I started his work after confirmed the order.


Thanks for your nice comment. I always try to follow it.I wish your bright future.