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Delivery Flagged

I just delivered an order and got flagged immediately after. I’m a hip-hop based lyric writer and never had an issue before. The only thing that was delivered was the normal file attachment of the reference track and lyrics.

Okay to be fair these lyrics were a bit darker and violent than usual, but it was upon the buyers request. Do you think the delivery was flagged due to lyrical content? Is so that’s kind of messed up due to freedom of speech and all that.

I didn’t include anything else like “leave me a 5 star review” or “let’s continue doing business else where”.


I’m not sure exactly as I am new myself, but maybe the format of the file or the name of it had something to do with the response file? I find for non-editorials for the buyers a PDF file format works best, sometimes doc files. If you saved from a Macbook and didn’t export it, it could be another factor. People on this site sell some NSFW writings and illustrations, so I do think it’s not the case.

I’m just guessing that the dark lyrics may have triggered one of the forbidden words and I don’t know the full list of them. Some words will trigger a flag.


Did the lyrics contain the words “Outside of Fiverr” or “Payment” :joy: in them?

jk. I’d take it to CS


Have you got any new rules of fiverr?

Did you send the files separately? If so, you can try sending them in .rar and see if it gets flagged as well.

Depending on the type of censorship being used, .rar files can’t get flagged.

I sent an mp3 file with the audio track and wrote the lyrics out on the delivery page like i always do. It ended up clearing a few hours later. I guess some words may have triggered the flag but it’s all good now. Thanks

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Perhaps you can send the lyrics as an attachment (Word, .rtf, PDF, whatever) next time, too, and just write a nice delivery message on the delivery page?

it must have the words used in the lyrics, as long as you have not done anything wrong it is all good.