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Delivery Glitch

I’ve been selling Fiverr gigs for a few months now, and today I attempted to deliver and order, but after filling out all the requirements, I click deliver now, and it glitched out and went to messages. I tried again numerous times, different devices, logged in and out, nothing.

Please help, or I will receive a bad review for not delivering on time :frowning:

Hi there @samuraisgfx, Welcome to the Forum. You’re not the first having this problem. There are numerous sellers dealing with this same issue. Of what I read in previous comments is that CS is working on resolving this problem.

Good luck!!!

How long do you think itll take to fix? I have an order thats needs to be delivered in 12 hours!

It’s been more than 3 hours.

If you want, I think you can post your concerns here:

A note to everyone who is having problems. You are able to do a resolution request to get information to the buyer, so I would request more time and also link them to the problem.

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I dont understand