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Delivery in 7 days vs. 3 days

For the longest time I’ve been offering 3-day delivery, but I would like to hear from sellers that offer 7 day delivery.

To avoid bad reviews, I send my work to the client on day 2, sometimes day 1, with the comment: “This is my work so far, do you need any changes? If not, I will click “deliver now.””

This works with clients that pay attention, but right now I have a client that isn’t paying attention, and the other is due in 24 hours so I was forced to click “deliver now.”

Would this problem be avoided with a 7 day delivery? Or would this hurt the amount of orders I get?

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I offer 4-5 days deliveries (which excludes me from the 3 days filter as well) and sometimes turn the 2 days extra fast delivery on.

4-5 days deliveries are better working experiences overall but you’re getting a higher chance of working with someone who will ignore your attempts to contact them (no hurry - no checking in on the process).

With 2 days extra turned on I see a 15% increase in orders (on average) and the buyers are generally more responsive.


I get this because I currently offer 3 day delivery but work weekdays 9-5. If someone orders on a Friday, I need to work over the weekend to allow for time for revisions. I was thinking about changing to a 4 day delivery to account for having weekends off, but that kicks my gig into a different “delivery time” category in the search mode. Sorry, this doesn’t help you I am just having the same deliberation.

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On some of my gigs I have even 14 days delivery time.

Never had any problem, once I’m done I’m just sending it with a deliver button and if they need revisions they can always request a revision through the system. And can’t say at all that I was getting bad reviews because of that.


Thanks. I’m gonna try it with one of my gigs, let’s see how it works.