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Delivery is looming but the buyer doesn't respond, what can you do?

I have a deadline that’s due in just over a 1 day, but my buyer isn’t responding to my messages.

The last message I sent to them involved giving them 2 choices on how they want to move forward with the order. This was around 15 hrs ago and I have seen they’ve been online a couple times since then but they have not responded.

My delivery time is in about 27hrs or so and I can’t move forward without an answer from them, and I am concerned that when they do answer, I won’t have sufficient time to work.

Is there anything I can do in this situation? I have no idea if they have any time constraints on when the job needs to be finished by (I have asked but they haven’t answered).


You could use the resolution center to ask for a time extension with reason “buyer doesnt respond to questions regarding the job” or something, maybe they’ll react to that, as it looks “more official” than “just” an inbox message.

Generally, if a buyer is unresponsive, your options are message again, wait and hope for the best, or use the resolution center for a time extension or cancellation request (the last one isn’t a good option if you already put time in the job, obviously, but for when buyers won’t provide needed info before you have started).

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Deliver with the closest version you can to their Brief. they may be trying to put you on the wrong foot.

If your delivery is in-line with your Portfolio and the Brief then you can hold firm.

Deliver regardless. Do your part right.

Most sellers have probably done this at some point to protect their delivery stats. However the terms of service state that we can’t deliver incomplete work. Therefore if the seller wanted to they could raise a complaint, and the buyer would then receive an account warning. This is arguably far more damaging longterm than a late delivery or a cancellation.

I think the best thing to do is to ask for a time extension as @miiila has said.

I didn’t suggest delivering incomplete work. Complete with the info that has been provided - I would assume no one would start a project without any end-game. Finish to that and deliver was my point. The work is complete and delivered.

Asking for an extension merely puts the power in the hands of a client who already shows they are not invested properly. This surely cannot end well.

If finished work is delivered, Revision can be requested if suitable. No one is being held to ransom this way.

Happy to hear other approaches but it increasingly worries me that this is all devolving into a free for all for “buyers” (in quotes seeing they increasingly seem not to actually buy anything when all is said and the chargeback done).