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Delivery is showing up in my gig page

Hi, i delivered an audio story to a buyer and for some reason it is showing up on the gig page with his feedback.

It is showing up in the feedback at the top of the page just above “about this gig” where you can scroll across and see works delivered recently.

I don’t want this to show up. How can i get rid off it, i can’t seem to find a “turn off portfolio” button anywhere or work out how to delete it

here is a link to the page in question

Thanks for your help

Mostly same problem i have… you should go manage gig page.and then there is in right a drop-down arrow box appears. last one is check box “live portfolio ON”. if you can’t seem to find here this button. then you need to contact customer support… Good Luck…

The buyer would be able to remove this. As the buyer has the option to edit or remove the review. Ask the buyer to go back to the review and click the image in the top right corner. When they click the image, it displays a minus or plus icon. Clicking the minus, the image will not be displayed in your portfolio.

Thank you! Luckily it didn’t come to that as I was able to sort it out myself with some advice above, thank you very much for that info, hopefully i can keep it under control myself and not have to rely on the buyer, appreciate your help, thank you

Reply to @sanmeet: Thank you very much, i did exactly that, really appreciate your help in solving that!

Reply to @adultstories: You are welcome :slight_smile: