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Delivery issues


Hi guys! I have to deliver my first order but I don’t know how to do, I don’t see any button of delivery… Can you help me?? :sweat:


Hi there. Try this:

or/and this


Thank you, but I don’t see that button, at the top there is “Waiting for info from buyer”, but we haver already spoken, then she sent me the order…


Oh, okay, I fear then your buyer didn´t yet fill out your gig requirement page, that means the order hasn´t ‘really’ started yet, but that means the countdown timer isn´t running either then, so you won´t be late, don´t worry.
You need to get your buyer to go to your gig requirement page and do what it says there, whatever you set up for your gig, like attaching a file or answering a question.

Here´s a post on that:


I am a new seller. never mind I suggest you Flow fiverr blog and reed I hope it is helping to you. Thank you and good luck.


Ok I solved, thank you all!