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Delivery Marked as flag

Hello everyone,
So, 2 days ago i received an order. The buyer has some issues in his website which i fixed on his hosting directly. The buyer requested to fix someother issue which is not in the scope i did that too. As, i worked directly on hosting and dont have any file to attach so i deliver with out attaching any thing. Buyer was happy with me and leave me 5 star rating with good review. But, today i got a warning from fiverr that I’m misused the delievery button and my delivery is marked as flag because i have not attached any thing. What should i do now? Should i contact CS for this? And any suggestions for next time if i don’t have any file to deliver.

It’s always good to have evidence of your work when delivering, for yours and Fiverr’s sake. Next time perhaps some screenshots of changes you made or the outcome of what you changed may help. Even if those screenshots are useless to the client.


Should i inform CS about it?

If you have evidence of the completed work as requested by the buyer or anything that clear shows from the buyer that they are purposefully trying to con you then I would contact CS. Without either you would be fighting a losing battle

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