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Delivery may be a SCAM. I requested a revision. How long does Seller have?

The Seller delivered my order on the 26th. They had 3 days to deliver the order, and it was supposed to perform every day for 30 days.

I am completely positive the performance on the 26th (site visits) was fake, and there were no visits (except those that came from my own paid ads) since the 26th.

The so-called “Real Human Adsense Safe visits” lasted 00.00 seconds, and had a 100% bounce rate.

I requested a revision, because it’s always possible they made a mistake.

How long does the Seller have to complete this revision? And am I protected from actually having to pay for this scam?

I have made screenshots from my web host’s analytics, and from Google analytics. It’s actually pretty humorous to look at.

If you even suspect (which you should with 100.100% of paid traffic gigs on Fiverr) thar real human users are not being paid to visit your site, you should stop right now.

They specifically say that you’re welcome to promote your site however you want, so long as those methods don’t violate the program policies. The only policy violation you could encounter is buying bad bot traffic or fake traffic that trips Google’s exploit filters, and will get you removed from the program.

What this generally means is that, while you can buy traffic, you should avoid sellers on sites like Fiverr or, or whatever comes up when you search. If you’re getting “unique” visitors for next to free, you can bet that you aren’t getting real users. Real users tend to be more expensive.



I wish you to have the opportunity to cancel this order and then try to find a better way to promote your website!

“real human visits” for a few dollars do not exist or they are cousins or friends of this click farm:

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