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Delivery mp3 Files do not appear in GIG PORTFOLIO

Hi. I made a new Gig for Video Games Music here on Fiverr, but I have in issues with the last 2 deliveries:

The Final .mp3 Files what I delivery do not show in the Gig “Delivery Samples” after the 3 Samples you can upload by yourself.

There is anything i can do to fix this? Have I to contact the support directly, or i’m doing something wrong on the final delivery?

Usually I made a Delivery with:

.mp3 File ( for sample in my Gig )
.zip file ( because there is many version of the same music usually, 0:15, 0:30 , 0:50 and different fyle type like .wav, .mp3, .ogg , .midi or .mod etc… )

How can i fix this?

Thank you for your help!

Hmm, I haven’t had this (images not appear to match the mp3 yes but the mp3 has ben fine.

Is your mp3 really looooong or encoded using a less than common rate like 156kpbs Mono 4 Bit or the like?


Maybe that. probably it was a 156kbps cause I recorded it from HIjack, it was a 8bit song for Gameboy! There is way to change the file format and ask to the support to add it ?

FreeRIP Mp3 Converter or similar is the solution there.

Never send odd rates as chances are someone’s phone will not handle it and they will say you done it wrong (which you did seeing you didn’t send a normal file).


Yes, thanks for your answer benedict. I forget to change the file format to 320kbps mp3!

When the delivery is made the customer can choose if the music will appear in your portfolio.
They may have chosen for it to not show up.


Oh. Thanks for the info