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Delivery not as expected

Hi, I have a few unsatisfactory experience with some sellers, what will happen if a sellei failed to completely deliver what we have agreed upon, instead insisting i accept a very lame delivery. Can I totaly reject and what will happen to my payment? Advance thanks to replies.


You can try to give exact instructions for complete the work. If seller failed to do it you will give the revision for complete the work.

If the expectations are clearly laid out in the Contract and the Delivery does not contain all that was agreed upon and/or quality is not in-line with the portfolio or any other work shown to lead you to understand their output, you have several options:

  1. Don’t accept the job. Ask for Revision with very clear explanation of what needs to be there/not there. Be kind if you expect this person to stay engaged. See what comes back.
  2. If you have taken that path and it is clear that results are not ever likely to be as agreed and/or in-line with portfolio quality, talk to CS and ask for Cancellation which will return your money for you to hire a better seller.

Be aware that if you simply expected something that was not explicitly agreed in the contract, it is not due to you. If you simply don’t like the job because it doesn’t float your boat, that is also not a reason to cancel. Also, if you do cancel that work it is not paid for and cannot be used or it is stolen property and you can have Google on you with a takedown which can really hurt your website.

I always ask in these situations if (esp seeing you say several) you are paying enough for the outcomes you expect. I refer to that as the $5 Ferrari syndrome. We all know they cost $250,000 so no matter how great the brochure and reviews say the $5 Ferragi is, common sense says it is not a real Ferrari. Are you really paying enough or trying to beat the system? If you wouldn’t do the work for that price, don’t expect it of anyone else, even if they come from Outer Gasgsggnhland. A real Ferrarri is worth $250,000 everywhere in the world. No sane person would sell one for less.



@benedictrm makes a very valid point. I have no idea what services you paid for, how much you paid or how your fee compares to the market average. But if this keeps on happening to you, then it does point to hiring cheap and inexperienced sellers.

I’m not saying this is the case with you, but if a buyer hires a seller with only a handful of mixed feedback ratings to build a website for just $10 or $20 then the buyer should expect it to be awful - full of bugs, visually unappealing and ridden with spelling errors.

Pay $100 or $200 though and hire a seller with consistent 5 star feedback including comments about excellent communication, and then you have a right to be annoyed if something does go wrong.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes you can reject work (by either asking for a revision or cancelling the order) - but be fair. If you had bought a cheap service, then you can’t expect the same result as a more expensive one.

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