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Delivery not showing up in live portfolio

I just completed my second gig (great buyer, gave a glowing review) and I’m proud of the work I did and want it to show up in my live portfolio, but for some reason it isn’t there. Any idea why this might have happened? Is there a way to add a job to your live portfolio after the gig is completed?


Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to show up. And… theres sometimes it wont show up at all. The most important thing you can do, is to always check that it says Portfolio is on! Sometimes it turns itself off after you make a sale. Fiverss full of bugs. Get used to it. I love you Fiverr!!!


Sometimes the buyer won’t let you show it in your portfolio. They have that option.


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god! is that the reason why it always shows feedbacks from the same person?

Rats. So no way to add to the live portfolio after the fact? Brand new to Selling and knocked out about 5 logos in my first week - quite happy with a few of them but didn’t notice the Live Portfolio option. Lesson learned, I suppose!

I don’t understand. My buyer give me 5stars. 4 days and nothing yet.

Reply to @jameskorte: Fiverr allows you to add up to 3 images with each of your gigs - perhaps you can showcase your logos there? They show up in the same place where live portfolio items do.

The buyer usually has the option if he wants the work to appear in your port folio or not. It might not show up because the buyer declined it from being shown

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you have to upload the work in big size so it can be accepted to be showed on the portfolio, same size as the gig photo

I have the same problem but I doubt that all the buyers chose not to display the projects. Also all the files that I uploaded are high quality big files. Do you have any idea why does it happen?
Thank you!

Hey! I just had same problem. I sent jpeg file + zip. I tryed send just files and it works! Now i have 1 new picture in live portfolio

This depends on the buyer if they want to add the file we selected for live portfolio.
Mostly buyer ignores or don’t turn it on.