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Delivery of my first order

Delivery of my first order.
Hello everyone! Im voice over artist with a British accent and i registered more than 15 days ago and received my first order only 2 days ago.
I have been recording voice over for many years, but on this platform i could not imagine this process.
I must admit that even after receiving the order i was worried.
My reason for concern was not the time of delivery or the type of service, but the fact that the client was calm and carefree.
I approached our conversation very carefully so as not to offend my client.
Our conversation lasted very short and I think the reason was that the buyer was really experienced.
A few hours after receiving the order, i had questions about the text of the record, and i turned to the buyer for answers to my questions.
To my surprise, he gave me a very polite answer to my questions and in the end thanked me that before i started work, i turned to him.
In response to his polite behavior, i completed the order about 5 hours earlier than planned.
I got my first star and first positive comment, and Ii think it was a great experience to share with you.
Now i will introduce a few points that you must carefully follow throughout all orders.

  • Be polite to all customers, whether you receive a final order or not.

  • If you have questions, do not start work until you contact the buyer to get an answer to your question.

  • Complete the order earlier than planned.

  • Leave a sincere comment after ordering - Do not comment on all your emotions in 1 or 2 words. Be simple, understandable, but not concise because your comment is the basis for others.

I think my experience will help you not to be disappointed and prepare for new orders.

Contact me if you want to cooperate. Im voice over artist with a British accent.

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