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Delivery of same project via multiple gig requests

What do you do if you have a buyer who ordered multiple gigs of the same project, and each of those requests need delivery. Do I deliver the same project more than once?

She had to pay me a certain amount of money, but couldn’t figure out how to use the drop-down box to order more than one gig, so she ordered the gig multiple times.

Please advise. Thanks in advance!

I’d recommend making sure that the main delivery is accepted first, then starting the text with no file deliveries. You can enter text into the delivery box just copy+paste stating that it is a delivery in conjunction with order #LADLA03092395WHATEVER.

I usually just attach the finished file to the first order and deliver it. Then I deliver the other orders without attaching the file with a message that says something like:

"I attached your video to the first order. Will you do me the favor of marking this order complete."

Hope that helps.


Reply to @inkpetal: Thank you so much for your advice. Now I have a better idea in the future.

Reply to @looknofurther1: Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate the replies a lot.