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Delivery of work

my delivery is marked as completed, work

Still nit delivered 4days overdue.

What shall i do


Guys, my work is still not delivered. What shall I do please?

I assume you are the buyer in this situation? Trying to clarify before attempting a response. Also, this thread needs to be moved to a better category such as Conversations or Fiverr FAQ. I want you to be able to find it so I’ll wait a few minutes before moving it. You can click edit and move it yourself, or I will move it to Conversations.

Without using the seller’s name or username, can you please describe the situation in more detail? It sounds like you are saying the seller sent you a delivery and the work was marked complete, but you didn’t actual get what you bought. Is that correct? Did the seller send you anything?

Hi sorry for my late replay, basically I am the buyer and the work should have been delivered to me 4 days ago. I have been sending messages to the seller but nothing in return.

What I don’t fully understand is this statement:

ronaldcauchi said: my delivery is marked as completed
Was the gig marked completed without you receiving what the seller promised, or is the order still open?

Receieved nothing… Marked as completed delivery

After the seller marked it as complete, she left me a message saying, hi can I deliver in 36hrs? Said yes, but still haven’t received any work and replies yet… Phoned up support and it directs you automatically to fax.

A seller did the same to us. Its a dirty game they figured out how to play by delaying the gig so that the system laps and you lose the money if you don’t react right away in 3 days. A dirty dirty scam. We are going through the same thing right now and reported it to Fiverr.

This is insane… Where do you report the seller? Sending fiver an email?

Thanks a million guys ! Much appreciated

we got the money back

Great :slight_smile: the aeller just contacte me. But fiver support did not yet.

Fiverr Support can take a few days to reply to you. Just be patient.

Reply to @ronaldcauchi: If I understand correctly, you received what Fiverr calls an “empty delivery.” That is when the seller clicks the deliver button to tell you your work is done but they don’t actually attach any work. You have three full days to request a modification at that point, which you are also notified about it. It sounds like your seller sent you this type of empty delivery, but you didn’t click the “Request Modification” button. This is not good on your part because if you keep waiting until the 3 days is up, the sale is marked complete automatically.

Is that what happened? If so, be sure in the future that if you don’t get what you ordered at delivery, you need to click the Request Modification to stop the timer. If the seller doesn’t deliver the real product within a few days after the deadline, you can click cancel which forces a refund for you.

If you didn’t do that, you can look to see if you still have the option to cancel. If so, I would cancel the order. If you can’t cancel or don’t see the option, contact Fiverr Customer Support and explain to them what happened. They can still refund your money and you can order the work from another seller.

Reply to @ronaldcauchi: Here:

Then click on “Submit a request”.

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