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Delivery on Time decreased

Hi, how i can improve "Delivery on time " though I was just late in one order in my work history and it goes on 98% and after that, I have completed 5-10 orders but it still on 98%.
Please let me know, how I can do it 100%?
Your answer will be very important to me.


keep working it will be done automaticaly . if you cancel 1 order it’s hamper you 60 days . so wait 60 days . then it will be gone .

Orders that are not delivered on time, will affect your “delivered on time” rating for 60 days. After 60 days have passed, your the late delivery will be removed from that rating. It is impossible to have a perfect rating, while imperfect behavior remains on the rating. Worry less about a 100% rating, and just be sure you do what you need in order to deliver on time.

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