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Delivery on time is 50%, How much it affects my sales?


Currently i have 50% delivery on time. I got this issue because one day almost 20 orders came when I was asleep. My delivery time was set only in 2 days. I got them delivered late but no one cancelled their orders.

Question : How does this affects my gig?


and my badge here showing is level 1 but im level 2. XD

Same here. My badge also showing level 1 here but I’m level 2 ;)) It may take about a week or two to update.

It effect allot on your sales. Always deliver on time. if you feel time frame is less . you can increase the delivery time,

I will take few days to see the badge change on the forum.

Agree with Mallika255

I have seen your Profile, I don’t think delivery percentage will effect your Profile for so long. You’re going great, Well done.

Best piece of advice I was given and give others; set realistic delivery times and communicate these with your customers. I know that as we start off, we might have to over-deliver to built traffic and brand trust but as your traffic becomes steady, it’s important to have a work-life balance and certainly not grind for $5.

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jeromae said: My delivery time was set only in 2 days. I got them delivered late but no one cancelled their orders.

You got lucky. Some people don’t check their e-mail as often as they should, others open an e-mail and then forget about it. However, you can’t depend on luck.

A good delivery schedule for me has been 3-days. I don’t do 2-days because I want people to pay for 1-day delivery.

Delivery late can result in force cancellations which lowers your gig rating.

The way you are progressing, I think it will not effect you much… Don’t repeat what happened before… Through this you can increase the percentage level…

I set all my gig 2 day delivery, But all customer inbox me and i give them custom offer, I offen give them 3,4 day delivery base on my order amount. So that i have extra time to do great work.

AFAIK, you can’t do anything about the 50% delivery on time, but you can speed up your subsequent orders and raise it back to normal. As regards the effects on your sales, i am not sure if it does, but fiverr might be using the metrics for different reasons.

Like others have pointed out the delivery time percentage should only effect you if you received negative feedback for the job, even then I don’t know if Fiverr’s system will knock you down too hard. You have 135 positive 5-star reviews I think you will be O.K! :slight_smile:

Not too good. With time, you could change the current situation. All the Best!! :slight_smile:

@jeromae 20 orders. that’s good

Reply to @mallika255: thanks! Now i know what i have to do :slight_smile:

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