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Delivery On Time % is dropping day by day without late delivery

My profile was 92% Delivery On Time. After a late delivery it dropped 92% to 88% and red signal. After that I have delivered 40+ projects last 2 months On Time and no late delivery. But my Delivery On Time % is also dropping day by day. Now it showing 77% and all gigs are showing bottom page.
Can you tell me, What is wrong with me?

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I had an issue where my delivered on time rating went down just because I asked to extend the delivery date. (I was worried I might be late.)
The funny thing is I still delivered the gig on time by the original delivery date! Even though my rating did go up after the completed work, it was still lower then it was before I had asked for an extension.
Customer service did nothing and just told me “It’s okay you’re the only one who sees the ratings”.

I was pretty sure it talks about how delivering late it would effect my rating (like making it sound like I’d be less noticed) if I did though, but they still insisted it doesn’t effect anything?

Then this month my rating went down even further just at random too! (I hadn’t even had any new orders to deliver late yet!)
But I think at least there’s an explanation for that one.
Fiverr says the rating is based on the “Last 60 days” I believe.
Have you maybe had less orders the past month then the month before? Because if your rating relied a lot on the month before where you had a lot more ratings then the month after, coulddd potentially be why?

Otherwise, it does seem like there’s something wrong with their percentages being accurate lately.

Please contact with customer support.

I have same issue. I have contacted CS three times and they said, everything is fine on their side. I had a great debate with Fiverr support team. Sent them screenshot and clarified that I don’t have any late delivery or cancellation. And finally, told them that there is a problem with their Fiverr app but three different support persons said the same thing. They failed to satisfy me and close the request for third time.
Here are some golden words from CS;

Checking further into this I can confirm that the statistics are showing properly.

Now many sellers will be demoted to level 1 and no level without any reason.


@azizul21 Please contact CS so they know it is a problem on their side.

Pretty much your answer right there. Fiverr only takes into account the last 60 days. So all though you have been getting new orders, older orders are no longer valid.

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I’m having the same issue. I think it has to do with the requests for revisions. For what I know, if you deliver on time but get revisions requested after that, it doesn’t affect your Delivery on Time percentage, since the first delivery was made on time (and please correct me if I’m wrong, but at least that’s what I understood).

I have always delivered on time, not a single late delivery at all, and the only thing that could possibly be affecting me I think are the revisions. Today I got a revision requested (after the deadline ended) and saw my percentage drop a little. That’s totally unfair. I’ll contact customer support.


You are right there is no plenty for revisions and no orders. Please report to CS so that they know there is a problem with their server.

i also experienced this. my rating went down eventhough i always delivered on time.
until i received a notification that i was demoted from level 1 to no level. I work hard to reach level 1 and working on to reach level 2 but now it’s as if i was back to zero. I already contacted CS but still no reply.
i really don’t understand how fiverr works.we set deadline and meet those deadlines but still delivery on time % is dropping? Can somebody help and enlighten me?
thanks in advance

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Hi there! The same thing happened to me a while ago. I was level 2, had no late orders, and suddenly got demoted to level 1 because of my on time delivery. This makes no sense, since I haven’t delivered any late orders, not even one, but it still says that there’s an 89% On-time delivery rate. I contacted Fiverr support about this and they said: "Your level dropped because your on-time delivery rate was below 90%. And yes, I know that, and it wasn’t my question at all. I need to know why this happened.

So anyway, I contacted them again, but I don’t really expect much help from them, since they seem to show very little attention to whatever we report.

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i emailed fiverr 3 times but no answer. i don’t understand why the on time delivery rate went down even delivered on time. the client gave me 5 star rating but still my rating didn’t change but when i delivered another project on time it went down again. unbelievable. you are right they don’t care about us. I had other concern but their answer was not helpful at all.

I think they do it intentionally to keep up the balance of sellers over their platform. As maybe they cannot make maximum people top rated, level 2 or level 1 sellers.
It happened to me as well, infact, still happening.
But what is important is not to give up.
Just keep on working the way you already do.
Fiverr is all about ups and downs, you see.
Just don’t stop the smart work.

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Same thing happing to me