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Delivery On Time Issue

My gig was purchased by the buyer. he took 4 quantities. My delivery time was one day. but as he took 4 gigs I assumed that I can deliver an order in 4 days so as I said I have completed the work in 2 days but now in my dashboard “Delivered on Time” is below 90% and in RED color means I am banned by Fiverr until next evaluation. Is there any way to deal with it?
Because the work was to complete within 3 days and I have done it in two days.


try contacting Customer Service

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No, the delivery time does not multiply, you have a countdown timer to look at.


Yeah, no. That’s your bad. You can see if customer service is understanding, but you should’ve seen the countdown timer and known how much time you had. At that point, you should’ve done it in less than 24hrs or requested an extension from the buyer (and hoped they answered in time).

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