Delivery Options


Am having a problem with my gigs am a seller and one of buyer purchased a gig from me unfortunately the gig went to a late delivery options which was caused by my buyer he was late to submit the required information for the job well to cut the story short we finished the job and it was now left for my buyer to get the job tick up for completion and he informed me that he was unable to do that and i now asked him to contact fiveer customer centre he told me they replied him stating that i have to go to the delivery options on my profile i have tried but i was unable to get through it can somebody help me out and one more thing i ant to withdraw to my paypal acct but the button there for withdraw is not displaying I want to ask i long will take fiveer to clarify my fund and what is the withdrawal limits and in all how do get that done…Thanks

[Sherrif’s Note: Please don’t use this forum as a replacement for support. If you have technical issues or concerns regarding your personal account the Fiverr Support Team is available 24/7 to help you. - Many thanks :slight_smile: ]