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Delivery problems for file size

Hey. So I’ve worked on a few projects and there always seems to be an delivery problem. We can attach upto 1gb but I’ve tried attaching 700mb 800mb and even a 250 mb compressed project. Nothing seems to work. It says error occurred with an okay options. So I always delivered via Google drive . And once I gave just a pic on delivery and sent project again on Google drive. Anyone know how to fix this? And also am I gonna be in trouble due to delivering photo in video editing project. Fiverr may think I’m doing it for reviews or something?!

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As long as you put the link to the video (in Google Drive or Dropbox) in the delivery box it should be okay, and as long as the link is one anyone with the URL can use (no outside communication). Also I think you should keep the file in the google drive/dropbox location for long enough (eg. just in case they want to re-download it sometime later, eg. maybe after a month).

Fiverr prefers attachments but says you can use eg. dropbox if it’s too big.

You could also attach a lower resolution version as an attachment (if it will upload) and the full size version with dropbox/google drive. That way the lower res version (eg. 720p) might get shown in the live gallery after they review it.

Also if you’re not using Chrome you could try that and make sure you have scripts/cookies enabled.

You could also check in the seller help centre re: rules about this (sending deliveries) or ask CS.

I didn’t send link on fiverr delivery box. I emailed him the link and the video is private so only me the person I delivered to can see that or download that. And also I tried compressed the file it just works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t (irrelevant to file size 200mb or 300mb or other) I also tried all the things that they ask us to do like allow cookies ,incognito , on tablet, phone or my pc.

Never email a buyer (including if you want to send them a file/link only). Fiverr would probably class it as off-site contact and it could get you a warning.

If you don’t deliver the file or a link to the file in the delivery box Fiver might count it as an empty/partial delivery (which could get you a warning). You can’t only send them an image in the delivery if they bought a video so at least give a link to the video in the delivery box if you can’t attach it to the delivery.

I kinda did it multiple times. But all the times it was for delivery. Should I call costumer care and resolve my issue?

You could contact customer support (eg. at the help desk with a support ticket). But if they find out you’ve been emailing the buyer they might give you a warning.

Ohh…umm , I would rather not have a warning. I hope they don’t read forums :sweat_smile: