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Delivery rate going down & down even deliveryng on time!


Hi Fiverrs ! How are you ?

Please, I need help !

I got in touch with Fiverr team several days ago about my gig dissapearing, and Fiverr team told me
that could be because the raitng delivering late.

I went from 90% to 68% wich is a lot… But I always have a lot of work,
and I was delate several times… I didn´t think that this would affect in a matter
that my gig would dissapear from “Recomended” (I´m still in “best selling”)

I´m always in first page, and in first positions, and now my gig completely dissapeared !

The thing is that from 68% I went to 73. .And everything is ok now…No delates… But
the system brought me to 68 again…

Then I went again to 71% or something like this… And the system took me to 68 again…

Finally today I was in 73% and still with orders working and delivering at time…And Fiverr system
is taking me to 68% again…

I do understand that because I delivered late several orders, the system took my gig out,
and I just can work with my clients. (No new clients because they do not see me)

But what is very frustrating, is that when I deliver in time the work, and no matter what,
Fiverr system take me to the 68 again, over, and over, and over again…

I think that something must be wrong, because I do not understand what´s going on !

Do you have any idea of what could be happening?
Please I would apreciate your help !

Thank you so much !

Warm regards,


Good evening, Miquelinet!
First of all, your gig can be found on the last page:
Your gig is here

You can find more cases like your here:

Few words about the percentage.
The system counts orders, which were completed during the last 60 days to show your performance.
You don’t have a lot of new orders, while the total number of them is constantly decreasing.
As a result, the percentage of “on-time delivery” will fall every day until you start completing new orders, or until late orders start to move out of the “60 days window”
For example, today is March 14. The system counts all orders, which were made during January 16 and March 14 (60 days). Tonight it will move one day forward, and if you had any late order on January 16, it will be excluded from your stats.


Hi vovkaslovesnyy !!!

First of let me thank you for your kindess in helping me on this !

I understand what you are explaining me !

The truth is that everything happened so fast ! it was in aproximately 3 weeks…A lot of work,
and more than 5 delates… The thing that i do not know, is that if for example, 1 of my delates
I deliver 6 or 7 days (like happened in two of my ordfers) that was affecting me as well.

In other words. Once I had a delate… Still counting for bad every day that you still do not deliver?

Thanks again for your help !


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I know that feeling… When one order is late, everything else turns into an avalanche.
There’s no difference if your order is late for 2 or 6 days.
It’s a late order for the system.

Specific rules are not published by Fiverr, so it’s impossible to tell, when your gigs will be back to normal position.

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Thanks again !

So, we could say that the only thing I can do is keep working and deliver on time, and
finally iwill go back to my first positions like I was before?, but the only thing that I do not know is when !

One month…Two months !.. More… Etc… Is that right ?


You are totally right!
According to my experience, Fiverr will show your gigs once in a while to give you some work. And be ready that there will be days when you will get 2-3 orders at once.
However, my gigs are on the last page since January 21st without a single movement to the front.


Yes ! The thing is that I ´m already having some orders from my regular clients, and when I reach the 73%, I´m going down to 68% this happened several times already !

I reach 71% and I think…wowwww…good… But then, all of the sudden… wowwwwwwwwww… Going down to the 68… So ,I´m having orders…Yessss…And delivering on time…Yes… But I´m going to 68% over and over again… Is like the system sees that I´m going farder than 71% and takes me to the 68…Always…It happened 3 times already… No matter what… Always to the 68%

Could go to the 70% or 66% right?.. No… Always pulling me back to the 68% … I can complete orders of my clients…ok… But dosn´t really matter… Fiverr system is pulling me back to the 68% … Very frustating !!!

I see you have 5 orders in queue ! And you are not moving? Your delate rate is in 90% at least?


Now it’s 91% (starting from yesterday), but it was 72 or 71… I don’t remember.
I have loyal customers, who saved me during this period, and that’s why I have 5 tasks in the queue.

I recommend you this thread. The author explained everything in details:


Thank you so much vovkaslovesnyy !!!

You have been really helpful ! Thank you so much !!!

Warm regards,

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Anything happened did your gig came back to the original position ?


Hi thelvm, how are you ?
Thanks you so much for taking time out helping me !
No, it didn´t go back to my original position wich is
page 1 (Between 20 first positions always for more than 2 years)

Now, I´m in the last page basicly !

Warm regards,


I am begging for orders from old clients since January, how am i haha I don’t know actually. Made some late orders and now this no new clients i hope fiverr give us one last chance.