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Delivery Rate - How can we increase it?

Okay I’m glad that fiverr has ruled in new changes to display and utilize stats such as response rate, order review rating and timely delivery. You are able to notice the values you’ve achieved over the time on your to-do page, if you haven’t already seen that.

Although I think that this is a great way to gain get new buyers I also think there are a few minor changes which it needs. Especially the delivery time stat.

I was down for a week as both of my computers broke down and I was sick so I couldn’t get to any university computer to deliver and work on the orders I’ve received or simply to enable the vacation mode. So I simply let the account be as I had no energy at all to even do simple task because of the flu.

As I got back from it and my laptop arriving from the service station I realized that my account is in pretty bad shape now. A buyer had placed an order and since I couldn’t work on it he has used the automatic order cancellation to cancel the order, leaving a permanent scar on my brand new gig and my overall rating as well. That’s the least of the the problem. My “Delivered on time” stat reduced to 78% which is the value which it is at right now as well.

I only want to know this and want a clear answer. So, I’m keen on knowing more on this stat. Is it going to affect me getting new orders? How can I increase this? I’ve tried delivering ASAP - literally delivering in a few hours after the buyer orders to increase the rate. But it still remains at the same value. Please help me out on this one, I’ve already gone through the blog post about this topic from Fiverr’s official blog but it does not carry the answer to my questions.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

The problem with Fiverr is statistics. Unless you’re some sort of machine that stays up all hours and never gets sick, you’re basically tied to deadlines and “response rates”. It is undeniably effective (gamification) but if you put a foot wrong, you get demerits, undeserved or not. Beyond that, you’d need to know the algorithms which aren’t going to be shared anytime soon! I think you can only really react by being more proactive with your marketing.

I’d like to know too. In fact, my delivered on time rate has gone down overnight, and I’ve delivered all my orders on time this year! It must be glitching like the ridiculous response rate that continues to go down, yet I always respond to all messages.