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Delivery Rate is down

Hi all!

just looking for support from my Fiverr buddies. I am upset with how unfair the delivery rate calculation.

I had 100% on time delivery. One of my orders was delayed because the client wasn’t responding to me more than 2 days… After this order my rate went to 83%. Next day I delivered 2 orders on time and my rate increased only to 88%. So how come 1 late delivery takes 17% down, but 2 on time deliveries makes only 5% up?


It might need a kind of visual explanation how this metrics is calculated and all the rest is pure math.

See example

There are 60 rows showing well known 60 days period.

There are columns where T means today, T+1 means tomorrow, T+2 day after tomorrow etc.

The numbers inside the matrix show the orders.
1 means 1 order completed on time, 0 means 1 order not completed on time…
Delivery on Time (%) is calculated as sum of 60 rows / divided by count of the orders of 60 rows.

As time changes the Delivery on Time metrics changes.

In this example I would be at 67% today, in 3 days i would be at 71% because I would deliver new order on time, on day T+11 I would be at 83% because one order that was not delivered on time has gone from calculation (resp. from 60 days period) etc…

It would be a big surprise on day T+52 because of drop to 67% but even bigger surprise on day T+53 when I would be at 100% again. Huray! (P.S. many users would likely consider it as a bug or something, saying something is wrong, I do not understand,… but we know that it works exactly how it is supposed to work :wink:)

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This happened to me too, but in the response time category. I didn’t respond to a buyer and it went from 100% to 88. Every time i reply a new buyer, it moves back up by 1% (sometimes it doesn’t move at all). I seriously don’t know this is calculated, and why one error would result in 12% decrement.

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Thank you for your response. I need to take my time to actually get this system :thinking::smiley: