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Delivery stuck

I uploaded two orders and they were never marked as delivered on my page. However, I can view the Buyer’s page prompting the delivery to be marked as complete! AND, my Buyer reported he doesn’t see the uploads. One order is a rush…arrrrgh! CS has been notified and 5 hours later still no response or fix. is this a PHP problem? Anyone else ever have this problem?

What kind of file is it? Try to redeliver. You can also deliver the file as a Dropbox or Wetransfer link.

Hi Anna, thank you for the support. I upload large video files and I used Dropbox until I upgraded my internet service. Very expensive, but a good investment for anyone who produces videos.

As per CS, my uploads were “delayed by the system”, and they kindly freed them for me manually on their end, but in the future I should contact CS if it takes longer than 3-4 hours to mark as delivered.

Now, given the fact it took CS 7 hours to get back to me and I had a rush order that needed to be delivered, I would advise anyone who’s in the same situation to contact them immediately and not wait 3-4 hours. Naturally, if you have more time then wait.

Glad everything worked out :wink: