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Delivery System Not Working Properly

Hey all,

I am frustrated beyond belief and inches away from making this viral.

I have been on Fiverr for a few years now. I know how this all works and I know great customer service really well. Occasionally we get the odd glitch here and there as Fiverr changes it’s site and grows. No biggie, we deal with it with a smile and take the front line blow with clients appeasing them because of it.

However, Fiverr’s continued canned responses to sellers is abominable when it is in response to their issues with an obviously failing delivery system. This is an integral piece of the matrix here gang. I have in the past month experienced delivery system failures on a number of deliveries and all the same issue. Deliver the order on time or way early and it kicks back with an order was delivered late. One was on a delivery 20 hours early!!! I have screen shots with time date stamps to prove it even.

So, like a good little Fiverr seller I fire off a message(s) to customer service thinking all will be set to rights by a fabulous team of “customer service” agents. mmmm No. I get a canned response and it is instantly marked as solved. Wait what? No, it is not. Write back on another ticket indicating issue not solved. Gave order number and screenshots again. Canned response and solved. What the? No. Five mmore orders later with the exact same issue. Canned response as if I’m a newbie at this and solved. Plus on top of all this I have to take the hit to MY stats because of FIVERRS IT issues not mine and their response on that issue, “nothing we can do”. REEHHHEEEEAALLLY? This is Fiverr’s site. This is their IT issue. Yet, Fiverr can’t fix an issue in it’s system? Sounds like they need a new IT Department, Designers and Coders. Hmmm maybe Fiverr should search it’s listings for the 100s of competent coders, designers and IT PROS that are sellers on it’s own platform to help them fix this issue. I have met a bunch of them and worked with them. Heck, I am a former designer myself. I know my shit thanks! Fiverr obviously does not!

Tell me does Fiverr hate their sellers who make them money? (Realize that Fiverr does double dip sellers and buyers) Does Fiverr not know how communication works? Does Fiverr not know that their clientele are both buyers and sellers and as such good business practice would be to keep your clients happy. Does Fiverr not realize that when an issue is reported multiple times by different sellers AND are asked to escalate an issue that is clearly IT, that following said escalation and conducting an IT investigation into the issue for rectification is the proper route to go? Does Fiverrr not know what customer service really is? Had Fiverr ever heard of the montra “make it right”?

I am beyond sick of this lack of concern, resolve, knowledge and action on Fiverr’s part.

Where and when is this issue going to be addressed?

Oh wait. Maybe I need to take a screenshot of each and every delivery and maybe even this post to make sure that it is actually seen in the system.

What a joke. Man up Fiverr. Get some competent staff.