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Delivery taken (Paid) still waiting for a file. Also FRAUD?

Hey guys,

Has anyone else paid for a gig, plus a tip, then not got what was supposed to be delivered? Seller still contactable but they are still yet to deliver. It’s a 2 min job to send me the Vector file. They sent me the JPEG instead which was blurred and not my agreement. It was part of a 4 design offer and send to send me the file a day later. It’s been 3 weeks.

They seem to be a very good seller other than that. This is now annoying and need the file.

Another very serious issue is that soon after using FIVRR, my card used here was then used all over the internet to buy random stuff. Like clothes on an e-com store. Tuition fees in Paris. The bank stopped my card. This is very serious and my bank is investigating further. We are not sure if this is linked to FIVRR in any way, but has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for your time



I think, this is serious issue. you may contact ITCrime department for investigates these thing. Also contact the fiverr CS.


If the delivery time has past you can cancel the order and if not you should wait for it on other hand if you are not satisfied with his/her work you should ask for revision and ask for improvement of quality. ( Your card issue )You may have visited links of others through Youtube channels given in the description or you may have received through emails which are very dangerous to click you should delete all third party software which are connected to your gmail.


Don’t close the order and especially don’t leave tips until you receive everything you’ve paid for. No matter what they tell you. Incomplete delivery is a Terms of Service violation in any scenario.

You can remind the seller that you are still waiting for the files and you’ll be reporting them if you don’t have the files by X. Then, if nothing happens, you can contact Customer Support and ask for a refund. They’ll probably grant it.


Thanks so much for your reply. Yes too trusting of me to provide a tip before receiving the last file. However, he did good work for me prior.

Don’t want to open a complaint just yet as he’s said he will deliver. But he’s said it about 6/7 times now after me asking…

Thank you - will do. My bank is looking into how this has happened, but it’s not happened before and is only since using FIVRR and in particular a certain seller

make sure, you didn’t shared your card info with your seller or any other guys… and ofcourse it’s part of investigation.!!

Have you shared your personal info with her/him. Never share your personal info unless it is required for project purposes.

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Sellers doesn’t have any access to your card details, it’s all processed on the backside by fiverr.
So if it’s indeed fiverr then it will imply a huge security breach.


No definitely not done that

That’s right. Only if it is through FIVRR

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Yeah I agree. I was sent one set of files through via email in a RAR. Format. I wondering if anything to do with that…? He would have access to my cards direct though

Why would he? Did you share your email address and your card details with him?
Why did you receive through the email? Wasn’t it delivered through order page?

I am really confused now


You place an order, you pay, then you wait for delivery. If delivery doesn’t happen, you either use the resolution center to open a dispute, wait 2-days for a late delivery to automatically cancel, or contact CS.

If you have left a tip without receiving a delivery, you have confirmed that something has been delivered and you are happy with it. In this case, you have definitely not used Fiverr as Fiverr is intended to be used.

Simple question. Did you place an order by buying a gig on Fiverr, or did you contact a seller who asked you to pay them directly? If the latter is the case, it is highly likely that not only will nothing ever be delivered to you, but that your credit card details have been stolen also.

If you did buy a gig through Fiverr, your payment details will have been kept secure. Hackers and thieves who compromise the security of major sites don’t steal from individuals. Instead, they harvest hundreds, if not thousands of payment details simultaneously. - Long story short, a hack like that would be big news already.

What is more likely (if you did pay through Fiverr) is that you have malware on your phone or PC which logs anything you type into your device and/or takes screenshots when you enter payment information anywhere, before sending these to a malicious third-party.


Contact outside of Fiverr isn’t allowed; it’s a Terms of Service violation. Orders must be delivered via the order page, and all the information and materials must be exchanged through Fiverr.

Also, refunds are typically only possible up to 14 days after the order was marked as completed.


You shouldn’t have opened them. :crying_cat_face: In addition to what @catwriter has said, here’s another reason why I wouldn’t open them:

I am sorry to sound alarmist, but it is possible for the RAR files to have been infected with viruses or keyloggers. Did you scan the RAR files with an updated antivirus software before opening them?


The best thing you could do is to ask your bank to deactivate the current card and issue a new one. Then, have a professional check your computer for threads and delete anything that looks suspicious. Try accessing your bank and card credentials through an other device and make sure you change them often.

Sorry to hear what you went through but I believe that this does not have to do with Fiverr. Since your bank details are encrypted there is no way someone stole it. If I were you I would definitely cancel the order right away with the seller who has you waiting for 3 weeks. Since you say it is a 2min job, it is questionable why they delay that much.

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You could do a full virus scan of your computer now to check if there’s anything like a keylogger on there. You could run the scan while disconnected from the internet. Also you could scan any files that are sent in the future.

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Thanks everyone for your kind advice.

To answer the questions - I was sent all my deliveries through Fivrr. I was emailed one in RAR files which was opened on my MacBook. I’m not particularly virus-minded and because I have had good, positive historic action with the seller, didn’t think twice about opening the RAR (which contained all the vectors I needed).

The cards are cancelled already and Barclays fraud investigation are looking into it. But the use of Fivrr seems to be the most common denominator. Likely not a security breach within their system as someone already said. Only different thing is the sending of a RAR to my email address…

Thanks mate - appreciate the feedback