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Delivery Time 8 days late

By mistake buyer order my gig & i contact fiverr support for cancel this order. they reply me- it will be take upto 10 days. now it,s goes 8 days late for deliver order. i am worry about delivered on time% what can i do now. Screenshot_14


You can file a dispute asking the buyer to cancel the order. This will affect your gig tho and people may see,


Don,t Worry Just Ask The Buyer To Cancle The Order!


Yeap these days fiverr takes long time to respond.I don’t know the reason.What I am doing is open the complain and contact fiverr via facebook and tell them to check the complain.Otherwise you can ask for cancel the order but it will affect your order completion rate

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I thought the reason was evident. It’s the same reason behind wearing masks in fields and running the other way from people when they see you…


Coronavirus is here.

And lots of new sellers with it… which floods CS’ with tickets.

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Absolutely no reason not to just wait until customer support can get to your ticket. You’ve already waited 8 days. Just hold tight. Once CS cancels the order it shouldn’t affect your completion rate or on-time delivery rate.

Omg. Please don’t do this! Fiverr is completely inundated with requests and they cannot keep up. A HUGE number of new sellers have just started on Fiverr and many of them are cramming the ticket queue with ridiculous requests, such as - “why haven’t you responded to my first request?” Please for the love of God leave the poor CS folks alone :joy:


Your gig will down to rank. Just try to cancel this project. You should go to customer support.
:sweat: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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