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Delivery time automatically decreasing

First of all i am using fiverr since 2018 and i started getting some orders this year i became level one seller in no time after getting orders but after achieving level one my delivery time automatically started decreasing i delivered only one order after deadline my delivery time decreased to 95% but after that my delivery time is automatically decreasing everyday without any reason i lost my level one tag because of this please do something fiverr i am depressed. Its request how can you this with someone who is looking fiverr as a career.


Is this a bug?
Open a ticket regarding this in Fiverr Support.

trying bro but there is no relevant problem i don’t know what to do

I think it’s all about math.


Your statistic is measured for 30/60 days. So if you had 5 orders and 1 late delivery it is much worse than 10 orders and 1 late delivery in 60 days. So if lets say you had 5 deliveries in last 60 days, 1 delivery was on day 1 second on day 3 third on day 4 and forth on day 15. And then you had no deliveries in next 45 days and you had another delivery that was late.

Each passing day your statistics will go down. If for example you do not have any order in next 60 days from the order you deliver late your statistics will go down drastically.

Because it will count that in last 60 days you only had one delivery and it was late.

Only way to keep the stats up is to get new orders and deliver on time.

if you have problems delivering on time increase the delivery time for all your packages to double of what they usually are.

My actual delivery time is 1-3 hours (depending on service and did client presented brief) but in my package the lowest is 3 days so I have room to maneuver.


Hi, Thanks for your detailed reply but i have completed orders after the late one delivery time increases but it goes down still


Yes, but all those orders together mathematically fall under 60 days period.

Same with ratings. If you have 10 orders with 5* and you get one order 1* do you know how much orders with 5* you need to have 5.0 rating again? 500 orders (500Ă—5 +51)/511 = 4.99.

This is just pure mathematics.


No he shouldn’t.

The delivery rate is a fraction based on orders and messages that occur during a 60 day period.

So it is going to change depending on what took place between the day it is checked and 59 days before that.

I really wish people would stop assuming that your rate shouldn’t change if your activity doesn’t. It’s simple math.

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It’s happens to me too. As @marinapomorac and @humanissocial mentioned it’s simple math :slight_smile: