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Delivery time bug

Hi there!
I started a gig for 48 hours but time had gone down. Is that just me?
There were 24 hours till deadline but showed 8 hours.
It was twice with me, with different customers.


You can try refreshing the page - that will often fix the time remaining. Though I’ve also had times where it shows a low amount of time remaining when it shouldn’t really (where I think refreshing didn’t fix it) - eg. when you deliver and then after nearly 2 days (where the 2 days is the delivery time for the order) has passed the buyer requests a revision. Surely the time remaining should stop after you make the delivery and when they ask for a revision it should always continue from where it left off not from almost 2 days ago. ie. it shouldn’t take into account the times when the buyer has had the delivery and the seller is waiting for the buyer (eg. to accept it/request a revision).

Please refresh the page,.
or again sign in into your account
if doesnt help
contact with fiverr cs

Thanks a lot to everyone, I’ve understood