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Delivery time, countdown and revisions

I have noticed a change in the way timer works. Order comes in, timer starts, you deliver the work when there was… say… 20 hours left. The client gives no feedback for the next 19 hours, requests a modification and you have 1 hour left to revise the work. If the client is away even longer (weekend coming up), and then requests a revision, the timer would say “Late”. Earlier it was so that the timer was paused and once the request for a revision came, it continued where it was left off when you delivered. So no matter if the client provided feedback 1hour, 20 hours or 2 days later, the countdown would continue at 20 hours left.

What’s the reason behind this?

To me this is new. As you said the timer used to stopp but now it just keeps running which I actually think is unfair. I am not sure why it was switched but I see it as a big disadvantage for the seller.

As far as I remember, the timer used to stop on the order page, but kept running in the background (and you’d only find out about it if the buyer requested a modification).